Week 1

The Bible

Week 2

God in Three Persons

Week 3

The Fall & its Consequences

Week 4


Week 5

Salvatio - The Gift of God

Week 6

In Christ Jesus

Week 7

The Way Back into Eden

Week 8

Entry to THe Church: Baptism in water

Week 9

Batism in The Spirit

Week 10

Scriptural Holiness

Week 11

Justification & Sanctification

Week 12

Sin in The Life of a Saint

Week 13

A Lifestyle of Repentance & Forgiveness

Week 14

Dealing with Temptation

Week 15

Renewing The Mind

Week 16

How to Win the Battle For Your Mind

Week 17

Renewing The Emotions

Week 18

Meeting With God

Week 19

Pray In Faith

Week 20

Pray in The Spirit

Week 21

Personal Worship

Week 22

The Worship of The Church (1) : Praise

Week 23

The Worship of The Church (2)

Week 24

Seeking The Lord

Week 25

Ministry to The Lord

Week 26

Life and Death

Week 27

Jesus' Eperience of Life & Death

Week 28

The History of Heaven and Earth

Week 29

Life after Death: The Resurrection

Week 30

The Last Word: The book of Revelation