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FDM is a Christian organisation within Great Britain with a heart to reach people from all backgrounds and races. We have six branches and their addresses can be found on our website. All our Centres are delivering help and relief both spiritual and physical to all the beneficiaries we assist.

Although our desire is to reach people of all races, most of the majority of our ministry are those from ethnic minority communities. All our centres deliver a wide range of projects including retreats, games, seminars, concerts, mentoring, guidance, activities to enhance life skills and development to teenagers and young people.

Therefore, our purpose for Birmingham centre is to remain a community hub and provide accessible facilities ... Read More.

Word of the week


A certain young man by the name of Rehoboam or Reho as the young people of today would call him was ordained king over Israel. He was the son of Solomon the wisest who ever lived. But it would appear that Rehoo had not an iota of wisdom as you will see. After all the celebrations of the ordination were over his subjects, the people of Israel requested that he reduces the taxes which had been set by his father and in return they would serve him.

Rehoo asked them to give him three days to decide and they departed. Rehoo approached the elders who had been his father's advisers and advised him to do as the people requested. Being a man of little wisdom he decided to ask his friends and age mates and they gave him a colorful reply that they thought would make Rehoo look great in the eyes of the people. The advice sounded good to the ear, lifted his ego and his pride and showed his power. So he took their advice. Read More.

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